NuGrow Keratin Hair & Nail Capsules

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Keratin Hair & Nail Support with NATURAL Ingredients.
A Vegan Formula that Enhances Nail & Hair Strength and Improves Skin Moisture & Elasticity.

Stop dullness and breakage for good.
You deserve the best and so does your body. Packed with the perfect blend of ingredients, these little vegan boosters will give you your natural glow back.
- Enhances hair strength and resilience
- Improves skin moisture and elasticity
- Reduces wrinkles and nail brittleness

Feel radiant from head to toe.
Hair, Skin, and Nail Resilience also provides biotin and essential minerals in their patented TRAACS® forms – which are the only true, scientifically-validated chelated minerals available.
Nourishes hair follicles Wake up with a healthy shine. These capsules help thicken and strengthen your hair.
Improves skin health Shine brighter than before. Reduce wrinkles and improve skin moisture or elasticity with VITANUVE.
Enhances nail strength Say goodbye to brittleness. Our capsules support nail thickness and help reduce nail splitting.

The perfect blend of ingredients for a confident you.
Every ingredient has been meticulously selected to ensure these vegetable capsules are pure and effective.
FDA Approved and trusted by health authorities.
- All-natural & vegan ingredients.
Safe for people that are gluten sensitive.

Recommended dose
Take two capsules, once or twice daily with food.

Other Ingredients: rhydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegetable capsule), rice flour.
Manufacturer Country: USA
Amount: 60 vegetable caps