How To Avoid The 'Uniboob' Look

The uniboob. It's the bane of every woman's existence. 

Most of you have experienced this unflattering issue. It can be incredibly frustrating and not only affect your self-esteem, but can cause some serious discomfort, chafing, rashes and excessive sweating.

And let's face it, that is the last thing you need when trying to work out or just go about your day. 

So, how do you fix this problem? By following a few simple bra tips.

Understand the causes 

Before we move on to our tips, let's have a look at the causes of uniboob:

  1. No padding means less support and discomfort.
  2. An unstructured bra style gives you no lift. 
  3. A bra without cups means a lack of separation between the breasts. 
  4. If your bra is too small, it pushes your breasts tissue to the middle of your chest, instead of lifting and separating.
  5. Most sports bras do not have an existing front or back closure.

1. Know Your Size

When shopping for a sports bra, it can be difficult to find one that fits well and looks good. Some women are unaware of their exact size so they end up wearing one that's too tight, which can cause back pain, shoulder pain and saggy breasts.

So here's an easy three-step guide that will help you find your right fit:


2. Wear a bra with clear cup separation

An encapsulation sports bra is the answer to your uniboob woes. If you're looking for a sculpted shape, go with a sports bra that has separate cups. Be sure to buy one that’s high-quality: these things matter when it comes down to what shape something takes after being worn all day long.

3. Avoid sagging with padding 

Choose a padded sports bra. Not only will it give you extra support during workouts, but it will also lift your breasts without losing comfort. We recommend going wireless too.

4. Go for hooks and eye clasps 

This may sound uncomfortable, especially when you’re working out, but if you find the right bra you’ll never go back to those hookless sports bras. A front closure design gives your breasts an immediate separation without losing support.  Plus it will be way easier to take off after a sweaty workout.

5. Adjust until you’re comfortable 

Once you find a style and size that works for your body shape, it's important to adjust both the straps and band until you find the perfect fit. The bra band will stretch over time, so it's important to start the clasp on the loosest setting. Ensure that your bra straps are not digging into your shoulders or slipping off.

See, there's no reason that you should let that 'uniboob' ruin your daily comfort or exercise anymore. And if you’re still a bit unsure which sports bra you should choose, don't worry! We’ve got the perfect one for you.

Meet the Support Sports Bra That Stops Uniboob without squeezing you!

Our Zipflex Sports Bra gives you perfect hold without adding structure that would hurt your skin when you move.

Why Zipflex?

This wireless sports bra moves with you and adapts to your lifestyle. 

Defined Breast Separation 

Feature: Removable Performance Cups

Benefit: You'll never have to worry about uniboob again. Plus this bra provides double the support than normal traditional sports bras. 

Support Without Bounce

Feature: Padded Front-Lock Zip 

Benefit: This bra is incredibly easy to put on and take it off - the zip is padded and locks to stay in place.

Smooth Shape 

Feature: XWide Racerback Design 

Benefit: Never rides up. The wider wings in the back give you a smooth fit & sleek shape.

Fully Adjustable

Feature: Adjustable Straps and Clasp 

Benefit: Fits your unique shape. Get extra hold and a personalized fit with adjustable straps and a clasp.

This bra does exactly what you need it to do. And hey, it’s not just us that love this sports bra.


What our customers are saying:
“This bra makes my girls look great! No back fat rolls, easy to put on without pain, the band doesn’t roll up & bunch. The bigger girls know what I’m talking about.”
This sports bra is amazing. I am in LOVE! It's soft and provides just the right amount of snugness I need without being uncomfortable or restrictive.” 
“Absolutely PERFECT. This bra supports me in all the right places without squeezing the life out of me.”

So, how does it work?

Once you make the decision to buy the Zipflex Sports Bra, we promise to help you find the right fit. What can you expect?

  • 6 Available Sizes 
  • 3 Basic Colors To Choose From
  • Free Delivery (Worldwide) Right To Your Door
  • A Volume Discount (the more you buy, the more you save)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And best of all, this Sports Bra can be yours for only $59.95, down from $124.95. You save a massive 60%.



Rest assured, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

If your bra does not fit or you're not happy with your choice, don't worry. We have an easy-to-use return policy. Just send us an email and we'll take it from there.

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