5 Reasons SANDALS make you SWEAT - and COZI Slides Don’t 💦

Sweaty feet suck! Time to release your toes and feel the breeze. But don’t wear your old sandals - they don’t last, the straps pop out, and they have NO FOOT PROTECTION! 

Here’s why COZI Slides are the world's #1 summer sandals. 

Slide, Adjustable Strap, or FlipFlop! 

We have a range of amazing summer colours, and three different styles to choose: 

-Slide: The original and best, super easy to slide on and off without even thinking about it. 

-Strap: Get two adjustable straps for a birkenstock-style sandal that creates a customised fit. 

-FlipFlop: The traditional sandal, with extra soft straps that are built into the sole - never pops out!

Super Thick & Soft

We made COZI Slides three times thicker than regular sandals, without adding extra weight. Why? Because thicker soles cushion your footsteps better, creating a barrier between you and the ground. Each step feels a lot bouncier and softer! Better yet, the sandals won’t wear thin or develop holes over the years you wear them. 

Massage Texture 

See those textured patterns on the sole? They’re small, but you will immediately feel the difference between these and any ordinary sandal. When walking on bare fee, the patterns gently massage and comfort your feet. They also act as an extra layer of grip, so your feet can feel secure as soon as you slide them in - and never slide off! This helps when walking on wet surfaces, or even in the shower. 

Soft Straps

No more straps between your toes! No more chafing or blisters! The butter-soft straps of COZI Slides rest gently on the top of your feet. They are also built into the mold, so they never tear or fall off. This makes COZI Slides great for wearing barefoot, for those with sensitive feet, or even those of us who love wearing socks and sandals (this is a no-judgment zone!). 

Extra Grip

More grip than any other sandal! The wave-shaped patterns on the bottom of the sole help you stand your ground even on wet surfaces - no more slipping and sliding around. This makes COZI perfect on slippery wooden floors, wet bathrooms, walking outside or on the beach. 

What our COZI Fans are saying about us:
“Mine arrived yesterday - No more pain on my feet! I wear them everyday when I finish work - it's like walking on pillows everywhere I go!”
Grace, W
“The perfect sandal for relaxing! It feels like a spa treatment for my feet. Love the yellow ones with my black pants”
Alisson, T
“Lots of grip, even in the shower! I wear them all day at home when I am working or chilling.”
Linda, M

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