3 Reasons to Wear Copper Compression Socks

The average person (at the age of 80) will have walked over 110,000 miles during their lifetime. That makes your feet the hardest working body part, and usually also the most neglected. Because your feet are in constant use, they are often at greater risk of problems or issues such as cracked heels, blisters, bad odors and exposure to infections.

So what can you do to protect your feet? By wearing the right socks, but not just any ones - Copper Compression Socks.

They provide just the right amount of compression with Copper Infused fibers for all-day support, at home or while travelling. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should give Copper Infused Compression Socks a try:

1. Boosts Your Blood Circulation 

Poor circulation can lead to several problems, such as fatigue, swelling, and even varicose veins. 

However, copper compression socks can help boost blood circulation. They work by gently squeezing the leg muscles, which encourages blood to flow more efficiently through the veins. In addition, the copper content helps to improve circulation by stimulating the production of red blood cells. 

As a result, these socks can be a valuable tool for preventing fatigue and promoting healthy circulation

2. Keeps Your Feet Healthy 

Our feet can be very prone to sweat and bacteria growth, which can lead to smelly feet. Sweat in itself is odorless, but when combined with heat it becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria that leads to that bad odor.

But the anti-bacterial properties of copper help keep your feet dry and smelling fresh, even during extended wear, long physical activity, or hot and sweaty days. 

On top of that, copper is also anti-microbial which protects your feet against fungal infections.  

3. Relieves Aches & Pains 

If you find yourself trying to rub out aches after a long day, then compression socks might just be what you need.

Anti-fatigue compression socks, infused with copper, can help make your legs and feet feel less painful, swollen and tired.

What to look for in Copper Compression Socks?

There are a few key features to look out for when buying Compression Socks.

  1. The fabric is moisture-wicking to keep your feet from sweating. 
  2. There is sufficient heel support to protect your feet.
  3. The footbed is infused with copper to help boost circulation and prevent bacteria from forming. 
  4. The sock has a non-slip cuff that will keep it in place.
  5. The reinforced toe protects your skin from blisters.

So, if you’re an expectant mother, worker, athlete or traveller looking for affordable everyday foot care, then the Refreshen Copper Compression Socks are for you. 

Meet the Best-Kept Secret to Better Foot Health 

Our Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks feel luxurious to the touch with all-day comfort and support.

Why Refreshen?

Increased Blood Circulation 

This sock provides graduated compression from your ankle to your shin for better blood circulation, helping relieve aches or pain

Better Foot Health 

The footbed of each sock is infused with real copper, providing antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. 

Fresh & Breathable

No more sweaty feet. The moisture-wicking material keeps your feet cool & dry all day long.

Foot Protection 

The padded toe & heel protects your skin from blisters AND provides extra comfort throughout the day.

Stays Up all Day

These socks are designed with an anti-slip cuff to gently hold your socks in place without causing lines. 

What our happy customers are saying
“I'm so happy. They work great for my swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy.”
Sadie, M
“I have chronic sore feet, and after wearing these, I went all day without pain. ”
Shonda, R
“These socks are amazing. I can now walk and stand for longer without feeling pain.”
Lucy, T

So what can we promise you?

Once you decide to buy from us, you  can expect the following: 

  • Socks that will Improve Leg And Foot Health
  • Free Delivery (Worldwide) Right To Your Doorstep
  • 24/7 English Customer Service
  • A Volume Discount 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And the best of it all, the Refreshen Copper Compression  Socks can be yours for $19.95 only.


And rest assured, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

If you're not happy with your choice, don't worry. We have an easy-to-use return policy. Just send us an email and we'll take it from there.


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